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Thank you for taking a moment to learn about Cre8stone of Tyler and College Station. We hope you find something that interests you.

Cre8stone is a remarkable product  combining limestone, quartz, and polymers in a special blend which is able to be sprayed onto almost any surface. We are able to add pigments  to create your desired color and hand carve patterns, inscriptions, or any design. With Cre8stone, you can create a truly unique look to your home or office.

Not only can we give you a custom designed renovation, but because Cre8stone can be applied to almost any surface, we can do it without the costly and time-consuming burden of tearing out your existing structures. You can resurface on and around fireplaces, chimneys, walls, counters, sinks, doors, arches, columns, and floors. The possibilities are almost endless.

Cre8stone is also a very cost effective solution for remodeling and renovation compared to other stonework options. It is much lighter weight than traditional stonework, which also allows us to resurface over brick or other structures and surfaces without the need for additional bracing, footing, or weight control. This is just one more advantage of working with Cre8stone. As a result, your cost will often be less than half that of laying stone by stone, where tear out would normally be required.

We hope you spend some time browsing our our website to see how Cre8stone of Tyler and College Station can help make your  remodeling dreams come true. Contact Us today to discuss your ideas and get a free estimate.

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Samuel and James

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