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Homeowners are moving away from marble and other flavors of countertop treatment to Quartz applications.  Why?  There are quite a few compelling reasons:

1.  Quartz countertops can withstand water, heat, and pressure.  This is a significant advantage over widely used wood or steel.

2.  Quartz countertops are simply beautiful.  The color choices are endless.  The visual appeal is a head-turner, granite is strong, and will never go out of style.  Your Quartz countertop is a direct reflection of your and your kitchen style.

3.  Quartz can easily be cleaned with soap and water.  No more worries about wood countertops retaining stains.  Even a scratch on a Quartz countertop is easily eliminated with slight buffering.

4.  Almost all Quartz countertops are unique.  You choose the color or mix of colors that give your kitchen a new “pop.”  The look that you choose completely elevates your kitchen look and feel of exactly what you want the color combinations to be.

5.  Quartz is eco-friendly.  Quartz is a true rock from our environment.

6.  Quartz is budget friendly.  Meaning, your new countertop won’t break the bank compared to a marble countertop.  Quartz is roughly 2/3 the cost compared to other materials.  You gain your desired look, and your bank account will still have money in it.  A true win-win.

7.  Quartz countertops have a vastly longer life as compared to generic ones you see in today’s homes.  That’s even more bang for your buck.

8.  Quartz countertop overlays have absolutely no seams, unlike other choices.

Cre8stone offers immaculate Quartz countertops with endless color choices, and at truly reasonable pricing.  Installation times are short, and the outcome is simply beautiful.  We would love to talk with you about your vision for a new countertop, and ultimately make your dream come true.  Contact us for an exciting discussion about introducing incredible beauty to your entire kitchen.

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