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Cre8stone’s innovative way of applying stone, with new construction and remodeling, is more efficient than “traditional” methods.  Every job is a custom project where architectural detail is made easy with no tear out.  Not to mention – cost effective compared to traditional solutions!

Enter Cre8stone’s Expertise in Stone Applications

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, Cre8stone was created to fill a growing need in the marketplace of interior and exterior design makeover solutions.  Overlay processes have been around a long time, utilizing primarily concrete and plaster.  Our approach is much different . . .

After years of researching existing products and techniques, we utilized a mixture of Limestone and Quartz materials and combined them for our overlay process.  This keeps the project simple, without compromising quality.  Cre8stone installs proprietary applications anywhere our customers desire stone applications, including walls, floors, showers, and countertops.

In the past, most resurfacing companies have attempted this process with mixed results. Most failed, because the core materials were found to be inconsistent over time.  Cre8stone has been able to leverage our deep manufacturing expertise to produce consistent materials and processes that have been utilized to personalize thousands of homes and businesses

 Our materials are tested thoroughly, giving you confidence that only high-quality products are used to upgrade the look of your home or business.

Contact us today for information as to how we can transform your home or business into state of the art design masterpieces.  We would absolutely love to be the solution for your creative vision.

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