Why Cre8stone?


Cre8stone was created to fill a gap in the home remodeling and resurfacing space by building on 40 years of expertise in the construction market. Generally, overlay processes have used plaster and concrete. Now there is a better, and more cost-effective solution.

Cre8stone is a product combining Limestone and Quartz-based materials that have been designed to provide new and exciting solutions which allow us to transform your home or office without the hassle of tearing out current structures. Cre8stone may be applied onto almost any existing surface including showers, floors, countertops, walls, and most importantly – outside transformations over existing materials such as brick or stucco.

Exterior Design

The outside of your home should be as impressive as the inside. From patio applications, architectural treatment, outdoor fireplaces, and more, Cre8stone is here to complete your vision with our Limestone and Quartz solutions.





Interior Design

Your home deserves a unique and detailed design. Cre8stone is an easy and affordable solution to creating the home interior of your dreams. Cre8stone can take your ideas and turn them into works of Limestone and Quartz art.


Almost any interior wall can be rerenovated with Cre8stone. We can take your idea for color and pattern and turn it into an amazing work of art.


 You don’t have to tear out your existing fireplace. Cre8stone is perfect for applying over an existing fireplace to create that perfect new look.