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Choosing to resurface over brick has become a very exciting way to update the look of your home.

Resurfacing, rather than traditional remodeling (which includes messy tear-out), is becoming a common way to update the entire look of the exterior of your house.  Perhaps your house is 50 years old, and you feel trapped with what you have.  Don’t feel stuck – resurfacing allows you to greatly update the outdated brick with a completely new and modern feel.  Best of all – it reflects your style.  The design possibilities are truly endless.

Resurfacing requires no tear-out.  Have you seen the horror of a neighbor’s outside remodeling job with half-finished brick exteriors, and exposed walls?  There’s none of that with resurfacing.  Resurfacing applications are applied on top of existing brick / stucco / wood, so there is simply no mess, much less unsightly “destruction.”

Costs are always a concern with any home (or business) upgrade options.  Resurfacing, rather than remodeling, is beyond cost effective.  Resurfacing is roughly ½ the cost of traditional remodeling.  One way to look at things – you can resurface your exterior and parts of your interior (think countertops, fireplaces, flooring, etc), for the same price as a single traditional remodeling job.  Now we’re talking about living in a brand-new home!

Another benefit – you will absolutely find a higher level of consistency in the products colors and sizes rather than manufactured stone or man-made stone can offer.

Installation is usually completed in less than a week through the resurfacing method, compared to much longer with traditional brick remodeling.  That’s correct, you can have a “new home” in a handful of days!

Explore resurfacing options for your home exterior, showers, countertops, paving, and more locations to see an endless amount of options to truly make your home “yours.”  It’s an exciting process!  Make sure you take “before and after pictures” – those pictures in a photo album will impress generations to come.

Contact us today and let’s explore how we can transform your home together.

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